List of approved panels, roundtables and laboratories

List of panels

If you are interested in presenting in a panel, then please contact the convener of the panel first. As a presenter you can only register for the conference if your paper has been accepted by the panel convener! 

A Historical Perspective on Malaria and Southeast Asian Armed Conflicts

A Medical Journal in the Dutch East Indies, 1852-1942

Agrarian Change and the Governance of Poverty in Southeast Asia

Authoritarian Nostalgia in Southeast Asia

Autonomous Regions and Federal Arrangements in Southeast Asia: Addressing Development and Indigenous Peoples’ Issues

Beyond the State? The Everyday Politics of Development in Southeast Asia

Buddhism, politics, and law in Thailand: New historical and theoretical perspectives

Buddhist Nuns in Thailand and Myanmar: Renunciation and Communal Jurisdiction 

Building Resilience and Human Security in the Face of Disasters: Lessons from Southeast Asia Experiences 

Bureaucratizing the Sharia: Socio-Legal Dimensions of Islamic Governance in Southeast Asia

Challenges in Law Enforcement across Southeast Asian Waters. A Comparative and Transdisciplinary Approach

Christianity and Development in South East Asia

Civil-Military Relations in South and Southeast Asian New Democracies: A Comparative Study on Dynamics and Driving Forces

Clientelism accross Southeast Asia: Towards a comparative analysis

Collecting, Preserving, Showcasing:  Cultural Pasts of Southeast Asia

Contestations of Performing Arts Within and Across Southeast Asian Borders

Contesting race, gender and sexuality in Southeast Asian literature: From colonial past to postcolonial present

Cultivating the “exemplary centre” in Southeast Asia. Reflections on political, social, and economic aspects of urban life

Disenchantment and Re-enchantment of Social and Natural Landscapes in the Southeast Asian Hinterlands 

Diverse, Adaptable, and Resilient: Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives on Sultanate in Southeast Asia

Doctors in the Wartime Tropics: Medicine in Japanese Occupied Indonesia

Electoral integrity in Southeast Asia

Ethical Research: Fieldwork, Management and Use of the Southeast Asian Past and its continuing Heritage

Ethnicity and electoral politics in Indonesia

Everyday social life in the Myanmar transition: Exploring authority, justice and morality

Experiences, technologies and politics of imprisonment – legacies of detention in Myanmar 

Exploring “zones of safety” in the changing regulatory landscape of Yogyakarta

Feeding and eating the socialist market economy: Changing patterns of food consumption and production in Vietnam and Laos

Forced displacement and involuntary mobility/stasis in Southeast Asia

Framing the local past: place and historical narrative in East Indonesia and Timor-Leste

From Dictatorship to Democratic transitions: Challenges and Opportunities for women and men in Troubled Transition of Myanmar

From heaven to the ends of the Earth: Vietnamese Buddhism, Modernity and Globalization

How Indonesians Argue

Knowledge networks of ‘Greater India’ in the age of reform and decolonization. Scholars and and spiritual seekers (dis-)connecting South and Southeast Asia, 1900s-1970s

Land grabbing and land dynamics on Southeast Asian frontiers

Local governance in SEA: Challenges for the next decade of decentralization 

Mythbusting Vietnam

Neoliberalism and Higher Education in Indonesia

New Turning Points in Southeast Asian History

Niches and Networks of Expertise: Negotiating Citizenship, Science, and Economy in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Object Stories: Intra-imperial  Wars and Collecting in Southeast Asia

Panji and cultural patterns in Southeast Asia 

Parenting and educational work in contemporary Southeast Asia

Perspectives on the Past: Ritual in Southeast Asia

Post-Socialist Transformation in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis with Central Europe

Reappraising Figurative Ornamentation: mid-10th to mid-20th century

Re-assessing the Latest Developments in the South China Sea Dispute 

Reframing Centuries of Forced Cham Displacement

Regional administration and local response: a comparative study across colonial Southeast Asia

Religious Encounters in Southeast Asia: Understanding Spiritual Communities and Social Boundaries through Field Research

Resituating transnational commodity networks: actors, agency, and alternatives 

Rethinking Reconciliation in Southeast Asia

Rights and Law in Southeast Asia

Social Media in Islamic Southeast Asia: Revisiting Piety and Sociality in the Digital Era

Southeast Asia and Theory: A Dialogue on Knowledge Formation across World Regions

Southeast Asian Consumers, 1970s-Present

Southeast Asians in Africa - Africans in Southeast Asia

State Islamic Higher Education and the Public Sphere in Indonesia

Structural Change, Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Southeast Asia

Struggles over eating: Food security, food sovereignty and beyond 

The Art of Preserving the Local Self. The Making of Ethnic Minority’s Identity, Territory and History in Northeast Cambodia

The Blowing Wind of Change: The Philippines under the Presidency of Rodrigo Duterte

The British Role in Burmese Historiography: Beyond Historicity

The Citizenship of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia

The City in Flux: Precarious Ecologies and Gender and Class Dynamics of Resistance

The creation of efficacy in Southeast Asian healing practices


The Ecological Nexus in Southeast Asia: Science & Humanities



The Politics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia

The powerful dead: the politics of martyrs and other dead bodies in Southeast Asia

The Japanese role in ASEAN: Challenges and Opportunities

The texture of Tuol Sleng memory: An interdisciplinary inquiry into the material traces of the Cambodian Genocide

The Vietnamese Question: Multidisciplinary perspectives on the Vietnamese minority in Cambodia

Transnational migrations and gendered mobilities between Europe and Thailand

Travel in Zomia: Making Contrasts, Comparisons and Complementary Reflections 

Understanding Diversity and Education in Contemporary Indonesia: Potential and Challenges

Unleashing External Powers in Southeast Asia: A Development Perspective 

Vigilante groups in Southeast Asia: new developments amid increasing political polarisation - methodological, practical and political challenges 

Violence and politics of order-making in South East Asia

What Is Islam?: Reflections on the Late Shahab Ahmed’s Challenge to Islamic Studies for Scholars of Southeast Asia

Where is post-election Jakarta headed to?

Women, Power, Spirit Possession, and Culture Identification: The Revival of folk religion in Contemporary Vietnam

Writing Human Rights in Colonial Southeast Asia

Zones of Frictions, Marginalities and Peripheries in Southeast Asia